A.I. Type beta comes to Android Market – predictive speech and spell check

• 10/04/2011

ai type, keyboard, typing, texting, spell check, predictive text

A.I.Type is not just another keyboard for Android, rather, it’s a better kind of keyboard. A.I.Type doesn’t just give you proper spellings of words as you text or type, which it does spell check very well, but aside from that, it tries to predict the next word as you type. The suggestions show up right above the keyboard, both as it spell checks and as it offers predictive suggestions, so they are easily tapped after you hit the first or second letter.

Not only does it predict, but it will also continues to learn the English language as it checks against the server for new updates and more suggestions. Other languages will be coming in the future as well. The keyboard will word with any instance on the device which would utilize the Android keyboard function.

The program is free, and available now in the Android Market, where you can get it by clicking the icon below. We’ll have a video review of this app within the next few days as well.

ai type, keyboard, typing, texting, spell check, predictive text

[Android Market Link]

A.I. Type

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