82% of tablet buyers will get an Apple iPad

• 11/03/2011

This graphic sure doesn’t look like it leaves much room for the iPad Tablet competitors to fight over when it comes down to it. Really, all other tablets are scavenging for the remaining 18% of the Tablet market. That means that 82% of future Tablet buyers are going to get an iPad. Talk about domination! And people thought the iPhone was dominating after it launched, nothing like this.

These results are from an independent research firm ‘ChangeWave’ after they surveyed 3,091 consumers in the month of February. Out of those 3,091 people, 835 said they would buy a Tablet device (27%). 82% of those 835 people said they’d buy an iPad. Now, to be fair, February was full of iPad2 release rumors, so there was a lot of hype. That said, Xoom and LG were stirring things up too at the Superbowl and on TV ads as well, so there was a lot of Tablet action in February regardless.

[Source – BGR]
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